Slideshow 3D

Slideshow 3D

PCOS – Video 2

Dietary advice for women diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). This is part of a video series consisting of PCOS […]

PCOS Dietary Advice

PCOS – Video 1

Introduction to polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and some advice: – “8 Steps To Reverse Your PCOS” by Dr Fiona McCulloch, […]

PCOS Episode 1 cover

Video Blog – Introduction

The Acupuncture Clinic – Channel Introduction Welcome to our YouYube channel 🙂 Hope you enjoy our videos, please subscribe and […]

Dietary advice and naturopaths to check out

Acupuncture Clinic Video Blog Post #2 Dietary advice: eat fresh, visit your farmers’ market, and have a look at the […]

The Acupuncture Clinic Vlog – Video Blog Post #1

Vlog (video blog) post #1 – On this episode, “Does acupuncture hurt?”: – we look at acupuncture needles in detail […]

Let’s talk about IVF and get “fit for fertility”

Viewers Comments #2 On this episode, we address another viewer’s comment and give you the best advice on that particular […]

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