Spermageddon: Male Fertility Treatment with Chinese Medicine

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February 8 & 9, 2020 – Dublin, Ireland

Dr. med. Olivia Krammer-Pojer, President of the OGKA in Austria

On average one out of 6 couples in the western world experience infertility, defined as one or two year of unsuccessful attempts of trying to conceive a baby. Due to this fact, the fertility institutes´ popularity is increasing. Talking statistically, in every Austrian classroom there is at least one pupil that was fathered with the help of assisted reproduction. Looking at the reasons of unfulfilled parenthood, 40% are female issues and 40% are male issues. Interestingly our society as well as our medicine focus quite exclusively on treating the female part of the childless couple. Thus, the percentage of male issues for infertility-the so-called male factor- is the same as the female one, treating the male partner is very underrepresented. Despite the fact that the seminal quality has declined within the last 30 years by 50%, it downgraded so dramatically that the WHO had to correct and adapt the standard value for the semen analyses in 2010 to make sure that one could get non-pathological semen analyses results at all. On top of that the male factor plays an important role in early pregnancy loss and should be treated in any case to prevent abortion. In this course I´d like to stand up for an obligatory treatment of the male factor as well, whenever an infertile couple enters the Chinese Medicine office in future.

Therefore we are going to dive deep into the western medicine concerning the male reproductive system and learn what is important to produce good sperm. But of course, we also will spend some time on the causes that made sperm quality decline and how we could advise our patients to obtain those factors and what is important to father a child from the Chinese Medicine point of view. A huge part of the lecture will also focus on treatment options and strategies for acupuncturists and CM-herbalists, giving ideas on a successful pattern-based treatment with our Chinese Medicine tools.

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